virgo march 6 2020 weekly horoscope by marie moore

Your ruling planet, Uranus, is making a big move this spring, Aquarius. On March 7, he will move from your third house of communication to your fourth house of.

If you are looking for a good job and you are very young you could live a period full of pessimism and with little chance but if you can find a job during the second part of the year, you can easily stabilize your professional and economic life waiting for the next one year. Luck - fitness Aquarius your health and physical fitness depends on Mars during this year and not just on the astrological position of Jupiter and Saturn. In fact, Mars can be very important being the symbol of the God of War but also of physical, mental, sexual energies and an ability to regenerate after having experienced a period of severe fatigue and depression.

The first part of the year is really very complicated for you with the possibility of having to face some physical problems and illnesses that derive from diseases born in the past that have not been treated enough. You absolutely must act and you must not fall into a state of depression especially during the first three months which will be quite complicated for you.

Jupiter and Saturn contribute to a particularly complicated period with very few energies and various problems with bones and teeth. You must be careful of falls, distractions while driving the car and you must also manage your physical strengths that will be very lacking, to face a few months in which the work will be very tiring. At a mental level you will not be very strong and your physical endurance will be lacking but you know how to get out of trouble without having to suffer too much.

If you have to travel be very careful because during some trips you may have difficulties and small accidents. Troubles during long journeys that do not bring benefits especially if they concern work. The optimism is really poor and despite your usually very cheerful character, during the first months of the year your thoughts will be very gloomy.

But since June things have improved dramatically and the possibility of experiencing an important recovery phase that will end with Saturn in your sky in December, must make you think positively. At least during the first six months avoid doing too dangerous sports. Work and money. Luck and fitness. Aries: unfortunately this year it is quite complicated to manage for you at a working and sentimental level with some complications in health due to excessive energy coming from Mars which also risks creating a lot of nervousness.

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Try to stay calm and do not throw away money. Taurus: your physical condition and above all your professional situation improves in the first six months of the year but then Mars spoils your projects a little. However, economically you are very strong and you can also handle love with new emotions to live very well.

Gemini: phase with positive months and negative months in which you have to be very careful with your wallet so as not to spend too much. At a working level some projects are blocked and you are quite disappointed but the charm increases with the arrival of June and until the end of the year. Cancer: This year is very complicated for you and you will not really know how to solve some financial, labor, economic problems. Try to be very attentive to details and do not give your trust to anyone. In love, he has great difficulty with Saturn, who asks for seriousness in the couple's relationship.

Leo: unfortunately, the professional life is not easy to manage and the expenses to be faced can create many thoughts but from June Mars brings new energy and a useful creativity in the work but also in love with new very interesting and exciting meetings.

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Virgo: on a sentimental level this phase of your life can be really exciting with a lot of professional commitment and with a desire that is perhaps to get married or go to live together. Excellent energy that you can use in a professional project you've been working on for many years. Libra: when it comes to work things can be very complicated to manage and you have to be very careful avoiding mistakes that can complicate your life. Economically, be very careful about a problem that is not easy to solve.

Problems also in love with probable quarrels since June. Scorpio: good astrological configuration that promises a first part of the year excellent for work and love but from June things can become too nervous and you risk ruining something in your love life and professional.

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So much eros and magnetism to be exploited under the sheets. Sagittarius: Jupiter and Saturn can improve or worsen your economic situation with some problems that need to be resolved very soon before Mars can get too nervous from June. Professional travels very interesting and during a trip you might know a very attractive person. Capricorn: excellent the first six months in the work with great energy to be exploited mentally to be able to carry out projects you have been working on for a couple of years.

Now you are very strong and you can also progress on an economic level with a great desire to meet the needs of the partner who loves you so much. Aquarius: difficult astrological configuration that does not allow one to be serene inwardly and also economically. Perhaps you have spent too much money in the past and now you have to save money but the bills to be paid arrive. Very worrying love and possible separations. Pisces: good the first part of the year and especially the first six months can be very productive in love and in work with favorable occasions that come and very interesting successes.

If you are lonely hearts then go out because the soul mate is waiting for your first step. Excellent creative energy. Today's horoscope. Tomorrow's horoscope. Horoscope of the week in progress. Warrior planet Mars is also transiting your passion zone around this time, so jealousy and rivalry could cloud a relationship for a month or two.

Aquarius Horoscope 2020 Predictions

Keep your head, however, because this is not a life-changing moment unless you want it to be. All things can be healed, if the will is there.

Aquarius Horoscope – Love, Health , Money & Career

The end of August looks likely to be one such healing time in your love life. Within the space of a couple of weeks, Venus and Mars both shift into your love zone and a New Moon occurs there too — this is a time of new beginnings and fresh starts. Work and career are some of the busiest astrological zones for you in , so you can expect to see great progress here.

Right from the start of the year, determined Mars is in your money zone, helping to boost your income and grow your wealth. An extremely fortunate Venus-Jupiter conjunction at the end of January falls in your career zone so you may find yourself in the right place at the right time for a very lucky break indeed. Hold your nerve and keep riding this wave. Mid-February brings a volatile Mars-Uranus conjunction in your money zone, so take care with any wheeling and dealing — get expert advice when you need it.

Aquarius Annual Solar Return Horoscope Until 2020

Three difficult squares between Jupiter and Neptune occur in January, June and September, which suggest that your financial and career good fortune may cause you to rest on your laurels somewhat this year — maybe becoming a bit lazy or feeling slightly entitled. Watch out for this and nip it in the bud before it becomes an issue with your attitude.

A Full Moon in your money zone in mid-October, coupled with a New Moon in late November, suggests that you will end in a good place both financially and work-wise. Get ready for a shakeup in , Aries.

Everything you thought you knew about your long-term goals and your life strategy is up for questioning now, as profound influences challenge your direction and your goals. The year gets underway with a Lunar Eclipse in your roots zone early in January, warning that your stable foundations are about to shift. Late February through May give you a chance to marshal your forces and to get to work in earnest. Mars journeys through your ambitions zone and your social zone, so you should find it easy to rally others to your cause and to get to know the right people for where you want to head.

Venus trips through your image and money zones during this time, Aries, so put your game face on — not that you ever leave it off — and gather both the support and the resources you will need for the rest of the year. Through July, the Sun opposes a loose conjunction between Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, and this powerful energy may force you to make sacrifices in either your career or your family life to keep the wheels turning.

The last few months of are the most promising for your love life, Aries, with Venus transiting your dating zone in September and your relationship zone in October and November. Aries, yours is an impatient astrological sign but slow it down a little. As Jupiter shifts into your community zone in December, it forms a powerful conjunction with Saturn, asking you to seek your calling in society.

You may face a struggle throughout to keep your love life safe from the storms that might wash through your career and working life. Keeping your cool will help things to settle down much faster. Opposites may attract at this time! Watch your words in the early months of the year, Aries, especially once Venus turns Retrograde in your communication zone just before mid-May.

You may find it difficult to make yourself understood, so try to be honest, open and direct with your lover in order to avoid misunderstandings. This will be important starting at the end of June too, when your ruling planet Mars moves into Aries and increases your aggression. What you think is assertiveness may come across much harsher to those you love. Fortunately, Venus shifts into your fun zone in September and the pressure eases a little. During November, Venus transits your intimacy zone, but work concerns are once again taking up your time.

Now there are difficult squares between Venus and Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto which could suggest power struggles in your love life, so try to ensure that you do set aside some couple time as the year starts to wind down. The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in late December could be seen as a karmic and spiritual moment for your relationship, Aries. This occurs in your community zone, so it may be wise to spend some more time late in the year socializing with your sweetheart and working together on a charity or community project that has captured your hearts and your attention.

Expect the first phase of this energy to play out across the early months of , particularly once Mars, your ruling planet, shifts into your career zone in February. In late March, Mars makes a series of conjunctions to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in your career zone, suggesting that this is a key time for you, Aries. In July, a backdrop of the Sun in opposition to the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto trio makes life difficult for your work-life balance, again.