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Your ruling planet, Uranus, is making a big move this spring, Aquarius. On March 7, he will move from your third house of communication to your fourth house of.

This is a terrific new period where fresh faces along with unique ideas and thoughts are a constant reality in your day to day life. Making this year super special is a total eclipse if the sun in December which brings deeply important heart connections, new creative possibilities and plenty of feelings into play.

According to Leo horoscope, there are some signs of good news for those looking forward to purchase their first house or moving to another house since things have been a bit slow in the past. There is also good news for those that have been waiting for new employment, promotion or education.

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Things are finally happening and there will be something to look forward to in the coming months. However, one still needs to keep up with the good work. Romantic passions are almost unavoidable this year, Leo: beginning in early to mid-February watch for a powerful wave of attraction, shared understanding and sensuality to arrive.

Many Leos will now dramatically deepen key relationships in their lives or, if single, will take on a series of new flirtations, attractions and emotionally demanding relationships. This year is one of the most romantically active years of the past 6 years, Leo: expect to bring a strong resolution of outdated relationships, a new awareness of passionate commitment and surprising closeness with loved ones.

Many Leos will now make peace with an unproductive or disappointing romantic relationship from the past. Astrologically, Leo, you may have felt that a past romance would be highly worthwhile in your life. This year, however, the true emotional, spiritual and romantic lessons are due to be learned: expect present-day relationships and new commitments to now offer a surprising and deeply rewarding level of passion, understanding and emotional sharing. After late April single Leos can expect to encounter an unusual series of fast romantic proposals: if so, Leo, watch for social triangles or ongoing group complications to soon be an ongoing theme.

Pace yourself and avoid key emotional decisions until mid to late August, Leo: extra time will be needed to settle outstanding family issues.

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Between early June and mid- September property matters, home agreements and key financial documents will be complicated but will eventually work in your favor. Use this time to slowly and steadily clarify your boundaries with loved ones or request a series of loans, payments or business adjustments. This year, you will have the blessing of planet Mercury. Thus, it is going to create some amazing opportunities for your finances.

As well as, you are also going to have blessing of the planets: Jupiter and Mars. Thus, setting of planets will create wonderful opportunities for boosting the flow of money.

Thu, this is going to be very beneficial and you will make lot of money. Your family life will be happy this year. You will be happy with the happiness of the house. In the middle of the year, there is a possibility of marriage or a baby birth at home. You will celebrate an auspicious event at home this year. Although there may be a slight decline in the health of the mother, but if her health is well cared, everything will be fine. Shani will be in your 5th house in So hear patients can breath pleasantly as no heart related problems will hurt you this year. Those who are going through Shani Mahardasha or Shani Antardasha need to be very much careful as possibilities of long lasting illness is there.

Mental stress, restlessness and physical strain will hurt you. In this period of Ravi dasha for sinha rasi I find ravi is not exalted but is downward. So offering deity to ravi would result in more problems. My Future job status settle in which place,my date of birth I am supriyo maji. Please tell me which time best for my carrier. I am looking a new job for hr possition. Hello sir. Now I am age of My parents was not Interested to marry me to my uncle because he was in lower status.

We both are same rasi and nahsathira Simmam and puram. They ask me to leave him due to the same rasi and natchacheram.

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What we do sir kindly answer me. Hello sir, I am Deepa my birth date and time is November 24 Time morning 6. My name is megu.

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Dob 14th Feb Place navsari gujarat india Can u let me know please when will I get married? At what age? Your predictions are almost true Sir. I am from Malaysia My D. B is 4 Nov Simha raasi Puram Natchitira.. Can you elaborate about my future.

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Dear Sir, Namaste your prediction is very truthful but I want to know when I will get marry and which direction and my carrier. Pls suggest DOB I got married and completed 18 months. Still now no babe for us. Kindly help us for any pooja and temple visit. DOB : Time : Place : Nilakottai, Dindigul-Dt. Tamil nadu. I want to know predictions about my detail for this year and next year How is my Career and Health coming 3 to 5yrs. Please advise.

Sir, My name is Resmi. Could you please let me know about my career, family…. Below are my birth details Date of birth: 19th july Time : 5. Hai sir my name is Srinivasarao. Dear sir, My name is Resmi. At present I am in India. One year before I was in uae and I threw my jon and camw here…but now I am jobless. Sir, my name is Resmi May I know about my future related with my career and shifting to abroad Dob Hello sir ,my name is mohan sandeep date of birth is 23rd may evening time in tanuku West Godavari currently facing many problems in education till now.

How will be my education from September to Hoping for a faster reply.

Tanking you. Please tell me about my travel to abroad.. My dob: May 23, tob: 5. I am interested to know more. I am in too much financial crises and also health issues. Need help to perform pooja. My star is Anusham and my rasi is Simma rasi. Date of birth is born in Arakkonam, Chennai on a Wednesday.