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Your ruling planet, Uranus, is making a big move this spring, Aquarius. On March 7, he will move from your third house of communication to your fourth house of.

We have to be clear in our mind about this distinction. Mercury himself does not engage in creative activities, he by choice specializes in transferring knowledge. It is his specific function to present knowledge in such a way that it is clear, unambiguous, and easy to grasp. Of course all people to some degree have the power to communicate. Humour often implies the skilful use of words. The definition of an academic type of intelligence is the ability to grasp, to memorize and to correlate knowledge which is deemed important by the establishment.

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A fount of knowledge, quickly and easily accessible, a facility to bring together related facts and to integrate them systematically to arrive at logical conclusions, these are the hallmark of an educated person, the pride of our educational system. Many a doctoral thesis contains little or no original thought. The added qualities symbolized by Jupiter are needed before we can talk about a healthy and well-balanced intelligence. Jupiter brings a touch of reality, and he controls our sensory apparatus. He is the sum total of our five organs of sensory perception, hearing, sight, taste, smell, and touch.

A well-placed Jupiter will enable us to make the most intelligent use of all sensory input. If we are keenly alert to any clues proffered by the outside world, then we are in a position to react to them quickly, and to turn them to our best advantage. Then we gain the reputation of being lucky.

In the olden days Jupiter was always called the Greater Benefic, the planet which bestows luck.

Planet Mercury

And he encourages us to widen the scope of our intelligence by adding the fruits of our own observations and conclusions to mere learned knowledge. Being told that a house is made of stone is quite a different matter from actually seeing and touching it. Then we can experience the nature of stone for ourselves. Theory is underpinned by personal experience, and our perception becomes more real and alive.

It is the function of our sensory organs to keep us informed about our surroundings, and to adapt our responses accordingly. Here it is important to stress the difference between assessment and evaluation. It is easy to assess the difference between gold and wood. But it would of course be foolish to then pronounce a value judgement, and to declare that gold is invariably better than wood because it lasts longer, is rarer, and therefore more expensive, and valuable.

Clearly a more appropriate evaluation would establish that gold is the right and proper material for some purposes but quite unsuitable for others. Right assessment depends on the typically jupiterian ability to note the relative appropriateness and usefulness of an article or a situation: the right response for the right situation. Therefore we can employ our jovian qualities and use our five senses to explore for ourselves any objects or situations which confront us.

Instead we are pressed to develop the more mercurial attributes. Children who want to draw their own conclusions based on their own observations and then voice them during a discussion by the grown-ups very often are reprimanded for this intrusion.

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Our intelligence depends on a synthesis of these three basic functions. With these we can become aware of subtle differences, shades of meaning, and arrive at new and valid conclusions. Obviously there is always the danger that one of these three planets could try to assume a dominant role over the other two.

Without this, Mercury acts like a small-time grocer who sells just about everything in his shop, from diamond rings to shoe laces, but who offers it all at unit price. This is of course senseless. Such people have to learn to make conscious use of the qualities of Saturn and Jupiter, to give meaning to their countless bits of information. Another danger is that we allow ourselves to be ruled by our memory. Saturn, in charge of our memory store, has the tendency to judge everything new by old standards.

It is truly dangerous to judge the present solely by past conditioning. These people will have to learn not always to rely on their saturnian preconceived notions, but to make instead a conscious effort to utilize the jovian qualities of open-mindedness. They must make up their minds to face the fact that some new situations really will require new responses, Saturn notwithstanding. Needless to say, Jupiter carries his own set of dangers. Some people tend to live exclusively in the here and now, relying entirely on their immediate impressions and spontaneous reactions.

And they are buffeted by the vagaries of life, seeming driven by fate from one happening to another. They are unable to settle down to anything requiring any kind of discipline, being artless or shiftless, like the tramp who sleeps rough, like the proverbial traveller. These people generally not like to communicate much and they like to keep quiet. Saturn inhibits the communication ability, due to this person not able to communicate about their problems and suffocate themselves not sharing any emotional pain or their problems in life. They always have fear in speaking and lack of confidence related with communications.

They may be intelligent but due to Saturn conjunction they understand late for example if someone crack some joke there is possibility with them they may not understand on that time but understand later.

Annoyingly Intelligent People – The Astrology of Mensa-Level Intelligence

This conjunction gives different result in different sign. Mercury and Saturn conjunction Aries: Your intelligence and communication is under the influence of both "Hurry up and slow down. Try to think clearly to avoid forgetfulness. Under other good influences, this may allow you to dive deeply into certain scientific and other intellectual pursuits.

Mercury and Saturn conjunction Taurus: You are capable of doing or saying the exact right thing in order to bring about pleasure for others. It also gives you the ability to get what you want in a very precise way. You probably like very finely made electronic devices and precise instruments, that are simultaneously powerful, very controlled and cool, especially if they are inventions or instruments which give pleasures. Mercury and Saturn conjunction Gemini: Intelligent, and an effective speaker or writer.

Fifth House - The Amazing House of Past Life Karmas

Interests in music and dancing or handicraft. This Mercury, if posited in the 1st, 3rd 4th, or 9th house, draws the person to science studies. It gives creative ability in writing or teaching profession. Good mathematical ability and reasoning power. Mercury and Saturn conjunction Cancer: Driven by emotions. Therefore for some reason in your life you are forced to not be an original thinker who can stand up and make your own way and decision. It seems that there are many influences controlling you and forcing you to think and act possibly in ways other than for your own interest.

Mercury and Saturn conjunction Leo: Saturn in enemy sign, may indulge in individualistic pursuit through some wicked acts, pride and a deceitful nature may manifest at times, can be strange and ungraceful in appearance or form but the person is humble. Mercury and Saturn conjunction Virgo: Intellectual, discipline, a serious outlook, good powers of concentration, and have good logical reasoning power. Not content with superficial understanding, you prefer to study subjects in depth.

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This conjunction gives power to become great businessman. Your work habits are careful, tenacious, methodical, and industrious. This quality helps a person in the business world. This brings recognition from others. Saturn's focused for detail combined with Mercury's ability to sell, communicate, and calculate make for a very good businessman. Therefore, these natives with Mercury in Leo become highly intelligent which they can apply in various activities in life. Mercury is an all-rounder in Astrology, whose intelligence can be applied to any field of activity in the world. Its witty wisdom can help a person excel in any field they like.

Thus, Leo Mercury natives carry amplified capabilities thanks to their brilliant intelligence. They are usually fortunate regarding education. These natives are rebellious and prefer thinking their own way. Standards are not their cup of tea. The rebellious trait also makes them very independent. They apply their intelligence in creating unique ideas in various topics. For instance, these topics include politics, different creative fields, and Spirituality.